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 Spurs Transactions

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PostSubject: Spurs Transactions   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:24 am

Spurs get CHALMERS (.81M), HASLEM (7.1M), and JONES (4.87M)
total of (12.78M)

Heat get GINOBILI (10.73M) and BONNER (3.27M) and 2010 2nd round pick
total of (14M)

Spurs get Harrington (paid by knicks) and Duhon (paid by knicks)

Wizards get Parker (spurs pay 7 mil unless traded) and Mason

Memphis trades J. O'neal $23.02 / 2010 to SA Spurs

Spurs trade R. Jefferson $14.7 / 2010* and A. McDyess $4.86 / 2011*

Warriors Trade:
C Roy Hibbert $1.95M 2012++

Spurs Trade:
F Al Harrington $10.03M 2010 FA (Knicks will be Paying Salary)

spurs trade
G Mario Chalmers / $0.81 Million 2010*
F James Jones / $4.87 Million 2013
C Roy Hibbert $1.95M 2010++

memphis trade
G/F Jason Richardson--13.89m(2011) Pistons agree to pay 5m contract for 2010
F Demarre Carroll $1.34-----2011++
F Donte' Greene 1.39 Million 2010++

Spurs Traded
G - Anthony Parker- $2.75M 2011
F Tim Thomas, $1.31M 2010

Heat Traded
G Earl Boykins 3M 2011
F Udonis Haslem / $7.1 Million 2010

The Phoenix Suns have traded
G Ben Gordon 11.6 M 2013+
F/C Channing Frye: $2.04M - 2010+
C Andris Biedrins- $9.0M -2014
G Goran Dragic: $1.98M -2011+
F Austin Daye $2.09 M 2011++

And Received From

The San Antonio Spurs
F/C Tim Duncan $20.73M (2011)*
C Jermaine O'neal $23.02 2010 (Spurs Pay 2010 Contract)
G/F Jason Richardson--8.89 (13.89m)(2011)Pistons agree to pay 5m contract for 2010
G Chris Duhon -2010- $6.03M- Knicks will be paying salary
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Spurs Transactions
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