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 Spurs Roster

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PostSubject: Spurs Roster   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:23 am

G Ben Gordon 11.6 M 2013+
G George Hill $1.44M (2010)**
G Anthony Parker- $2.75M 2011
G Goran Dragic: $1.98M -2011+

F Demarre Carroll $1.34-----2011++
F Donte' Greene 1.39 Million 2010++
F Austin Daye $2.09 M 2011++

F/C Channing Frye: $2.04M - 2010+
F/C DeJuan Blair $950K (2012)*

C Andris Biedrins- $9.0M -2014

*= Option Year
**= 2 Option Years

***Paying 7 mil of Parker's contract FOR 2010 and 2011 unless he is traded by wizards***
***Paying 2010 contract Jermaine O'neal $23.02***
*** dropped F Tim Thomas, $1.31M 2010***
Salary Cap-$75M
Your Cap-$64.6M
Cap Available-$10.4M

Draft Picks 2010 1st 2011 1st and 2nd

EX Spurs
G Manu Ginobili $10.73M - Traded to heat
PF/C Matt Bonner $3.27M - Traded to heat
2010 2nd rd - Traded to heat
G Tony Parker $13.13 (2011) traded to wizards
G Roger Mason $3.78M traded to wizards
F Richard Jefferson $14.7M (2010)* traded to grizzlies
F/C Antonio McDyess $4.86M (2011)* traded to grizzlies
F AL Harington -2010- $10.03M- Knicks will be paying salary traded to warriors
F James Jones / $4.87 Million 2013 traded to grizzlies
C Roy Hibbert $1.95M 2012++ traded to grizzlies
G Mario Chalmers / $0.81 Million 2010* traded to grizzlies
G Earl Boykins 3M 2011 Traded to heat
F Udonis Haslem / $7.1 Million 2010 Traded to heat
F/C Tim Duncan $20.73M (2011)* Traded to suns
C Jermaine O'neal $23.02 2010 (Spurs Pay 2010 Contract) traded to suns
G/F Jason Richardson--8.89 (13.89m)(2011)Pistons agree to pay 5m contract for 2010 traded to suns
G Chris Duhon -2010- $6.03M- Knicks will be paying salary traded to suns
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Spurs Roster
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