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 Rockets Transactions

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PostSubject: Rockets Transactions   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:16 am

1st Trade Hornets
Rockets Send: Luis Scola
Rockets Receive: Emeka Okafor

2nd Trade: Nuggets
Rockets Send: Emeka Okafor, Shane Battier, and Aaron Brooks
Rockets Receive: Chauncey Billups, BirdMan, 2011 1st round pick, and J.R Smith

3rd Trade Wizards
Rockets Send: Billups, Ariza, and 3.0 Million Dollars
Rockets Receive: 2nd Round 2010 pick and Gilbert Arenas

4th Trade Grizzlies
Rockets Send: J.R Smith and 1st Round pick 2010
Rockets Receives: Sam Young, and Allen Iverson

5th Trade
Rockets Trade:
Pops Mensah-Bonsu $.83 M 2010
76ers Trade:
2011 2nd Round Pick

6th Trade 76ers
Rockets Send: T-Mac (5m paid for) and Carl Landry
Rockets Get: Thad Young and Lou Williams

7th Trade Hornets
Give: Lou and 2011 1st Round
Get: Peja and Posey

8th Trade Warriors
Give: Gilbert Arenas (3m paid for starting next year through contract)
Get: Moon Ellis and 2010 1st Round pick

9th Trade
Magic send:
G - Jason Kidd, $8.37 / 2012
F - G Hill $3.12 2011
Rockets send:
PG - Monta Ellis 2014 11.0 Million
2011 2nd Rd pick

10th Trade Hornets
Give: T. Young, Birdman and Allen Iverson
Get: West Kaponao and Keleena

11th Trade Wizards
Send: West
Get: R. Allen and Varajao

12th Trade Pistons
Give: Keleena
Get: Dampier

13th Trade Knicks
Get: 2011 2nd round pick (Was)
Give: Jamiro Moon

14th Trade Hornets
Give: Relief of Pay for Kaponao for Dylan
Get: JJ Redick

15th Cavs
Give: Grant Hill + Eric Dampier + 2011 1st Rd Denver
Get: Ben Wallace and T.J Ford

16th Trade: Pistons
Give: R.Allen
Get: 2010 1st rd Suns, 2011 2nd rd Pistons, and 2011 2nd rd Thunder and Q. Richardson

17th Trade
Rockets Send: Anderson Varejao 0.0 M *Paid For* 2014
Denver Sends: Jason Williams 1.3 M 2010

18th Trade
Give: Quentin Richardson 3.7 M
Get: Allen Iverson 0.00 M

19th Trade
Give: Jason kidd + Ben Wallace + JJ Redick
Get: Beno Udrih + Tyson Chandler + Ben Gordon

20th Trade
Give: Ben Gordon
Get: AlThornton

21st Trade
Give: Peja Stoj
Get: Jones And Nocioni

22nd Trade
Clippers Trade:
Ronny Turiaf 2.17 M (Bulls Pay 1 M Throughout Contract)(Clippers pay 1 M through 2011)
Rockets Trade:
Sam Young 0.00 M (Pay whole Contract)
2010 2nd Rd Rockets
2010 2nd Rd WIzards

23rd Trade
Get: Lowry And Wesy
Give: AI and JWill and 2010 1st Rd Suns

24th Trade
Rockets Sends:
Tyson Chandler 2.75 M 2011 (I pay 7 M in 2011)
Nuggets Sends:
Taj Gibson 0.00 M 2011++ (All of contract being paid by Rich)

25th Trade
T-Wolves get:
Devin Brown 1.01 M 2010
1st Round 2010 (GSW)
Rockets get:
Martell Webster 7.75 2012(Wolves pay 3m for entire contract)

26th Trade
Det sendsC.J Miles 3.7 M 2011+
Hou sends Dahantay Jones 2.65 M 2013

27th Trade
Hou trades
G - Beno Udrih .75 M 2011
F - Andres Nocioni 7.13 M 2012+ (Rockets pay 1M for rest of contract)
Nets Trade:
G- Rafer Alston-2010-$6.80M

28th Trade
Hou trades
G - T.J Ford 2.78 M 2010+ (Rockets pay $6M this year of 8.78)
Orl trades
G - J.J Redick ($2.83M 2010)
2011 2nd round (Memphis)

29th Trade
Clippers send:
Carlos Delfino - 2012 - $3.12M - (All of salary paid for by Orlando in 2010)
Brandan Wright - 2011 - $2.67M
Derrick Brown - 2013 - $0.5M
Dorell Wright- 2014 - $1.91M
2010 2nd rounder (WAS)
2011 1st rounder (TOR)
Rockets send:
Luther Head - 2013 - $0.5M
Taj Gibson - 2011++ - $0.00M - (All of contract paid by Rich)
Delonte West - 2011+ - $4.38M
Al Thornton - 2010+ - $2.35M
2011 2nd round (Memphis)

30th Trade
G Earl Boykins 3M 2011
F Darell Arthur $1.41---2010++
2011 1st Round MIA
FC - Ronnie Turiaf 2.2 M 2011+ (Bulls Pay 1 M Throughout Contract)(Clippers pay 1 M through 2011)
G - Rafer Alston 6.80 M 2010
2nd Round 2011 (OKC)

31st Trade
The Phoenix Suns have traded
G Jannero Pargo 1.99 M 2010
2011 1st rd Pho
2011 2nd rd Pho
to the Houston Rockets for
G/F C.J Miles 3.7 M 2011+ Rockets pay 2010 salary

32nd trade
Rockets Trade
G Jannero Pargo 1.99 M 2010
G/F - Carlos Delfino 3.5 M 2012 (magic paid all for 2010)
Mem trades
C/F Darius Songaila / $1.00M 2010
G Roger Mason -2010- (1.78) ($3.78M) wash pays 2 mil of contract this year
IR: G Kyle Weaver .5 2014
2011 2nd rd Mia

33rd trade
Por SG Rudy Fernandez 1.53M 2010++
2nd rd 2010 Den
Orl G J.J Redick 1.88 M 2010
Mia F Dorell Wright 1.91 M 2014
2nd rd 2011 Pho

34th trade
G Nate Robinson 0m 2010 (4m paid by clippers)
C Erik Dampier 2m 2011
F Martell Webster 4.75 2012 (wolves pay 3m through entire contract) (rockets pay 4.75 for 2010)
G Kyle Lowry .6 2014 (cavs pay 5m 2010)
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Rockets Transactions
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