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 League Policies & Procedures

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PostSubject: League Policies & Procedures   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:19 am

Policies and Procedures – if you do not read and understand these or any rules you are subject to penalties for non-compliance (i.e. you can’t plead ignorance…it’s your responsibility to keep up with all rules)

1) If you have a problem with another GM in the league, take it to one of the Executive Committee members (EC) (Dylan – Hornets, Sub – Nets or Ryan – Clips). Send a description of the incident to Dylan by PM. If he is not available – send it to Sub or Ryan or Rich. The EC will then discuss the issue and make a decision. Please allow for 2-3 days for a resolution to be reached if necessary (i.e. don’t expect a 5 minute resolution – EC must discuss). EC ruling is final.

2) DO NOT try to handle problems over the c-box or via any of the forums. The c-box is available to facilitate trading and to allow for basketball and NBA related discussions. It is not a forum for insults and arguing (which only makes the one dishing out the insults look like bad). Teams are subject to warnings and then penalties if they don’t follow the correct channels. Just send your complaint to the EC and let them handle it.

3) Keeping your roster up to date with all financials, all current players and their correct salaries and contract lengths (financials must also include the salaries of players you have waived and money that you owe to other teams and that teams owe to you in the form of cap relief). It is recommended you check all of the contract information for players that you acquire on “Team Salaries”, other owners do make mistakes (but you don’t want to be the one caught with their mistake). This correct roster must be the pinned roster on your team’s forum – just edit it to keep it current (alternate rosters or temporary rosters do not count – the pinned roster must be up to date and correct). If you have questions about contracts, refer to the rules for contracts. If you don't have a pinned roster, ask one of the EC members for help.

4) Updated rosters reflecting the week’s transactions for your team (trades, players waived, free agents signed) must be correctly posted as this pinned roster by each Saturday at 11:59 p.m. You must also keep track of your draft picks just the same. The Compliance Committee will randomly go through team lineups and draft picks to verify compliance throughout the week. Penalties will be issued for non-compliant rosters. Repeat offenders will be evaluated with more scrutiny and given harsher penalties.

5) If you feel that a team is not being compliant, does not have a compliant roster, etc. please send a PM to the head of the Compliance Committee (Greg - Mavericks) and he or one of the other Compliance Committee members will check over the team. Assistance with keeping all teams accountable is appreciated. Just as before though, don’t try to hash this out on your own. Let the Compliance Committee and EC handle it.

6) If the ECs come to you with a penalty or ruling, acceptance/compliance is recommended and appreciated. Failure to do so will only rule in harsher penalties. Rules are simple and apply to all GMs…just follow them.

7) If you have a complaint regarding one of the EC members (ECs are not above the law) PM it to one of the non-offending ECs. They will handle it accordingly.

Cool Failure to comply with the above rules (or any rules for that matter) is subject to warnings and then penalties including cap fines, revocation of draft picks, lengthy star player suspensions, star player removal from teams, postseason disqualification and even expulsion from the league (if you can’t follow the rules or are the subject of repeated problems you will be deemed unfit to manage your team). Repeated offenses will multiply penalties and result in harsher penalties. Severity of offenses and penalties will be judged by the ECs. Once again, EC ruling is final. Penalties can also be given for behavior that is detrimental to other owners or the league.

9) If you have a question, to avoid confusion, ask one of the EC members through PM or the c-box. While the other GMs might know the answer, you need to verify with the EC.

The rules are simple and not that hard to follow. They are not designed to ruin the fun. They are designed to give the league structure just follow them. Compliance is appreciated.
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League Policies & Procedures
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