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 Clippers Roster

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PostSubject: Clippers Roster   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:03 am

Salary Cap: $75M
Salary Used: $71.72M
Salary Available: $3.28M


G- Kevin Durant - 2011 - $5.43M

G- Ramon Sessions - 2012+ - $4.11M (Lakers pays $3.2M of his salary for just this year)

F- Anthony Randolph – 2011+ - $2.24M - IR

F- Taj Gibson - 2011++ - $1.39M (Pistons pay his salary throughout contract)

C- Al Jefferson - 2013 - $13.5M (Minnesota pays $3.5M in 2010)(New Orleans pays $10M in 2010)(Detroit pays $2M in 2011)

U- Leandro Barbosa - 2011+ - $7.1M (GSW pays his salary for just 2010)


G- Rodrigue Beaubois - 2011++ - $1.42M

G- Delonte West - 2011+ - $4.38M

F- Ryan Anderson - 2010++ - $1.66M (MIL pays $0.1M of his salary just this year)

C- Deandre Jordan - 2014 - $5.8M

C- Marcin Gortat - 2014 - $0.72M

** Pay $9.65M of Marcus Camby's salary for just 2010**
**Pay $10M of Baron Davis's 2010 salary, $6M for each year through 2013**
**Pay $2.6M of Sebastian Telfair's salary for just 2010**
**Pay $1.03M of Steve Novak's 2010 salary for waiving him**
*Pay $0.5M of Dante Cunningham's 2010 salary for waiving him, then $0.25M for 2011 and 2012**
**Pay $2.40M of Ricky Davis's 2010 salary for waiving him**
**Pay $1M of Ronny Turiaf's 2010 and 2011 salary**
**Pay $4.79M of Mo William's 2010 salary**
**Pay $7M of Josh Howard's 2010 salary**
**Pay $4M of Nate Robinson's 2010 salary**
**Pay $0.5M of Solomon Jones's salary for waiving him just in 2010**
**Pay $2.35M of Al Thornton's salary for just 2010**
**Pay $0.25M of Luther Head's salary for 2011, 2012, 2013**
**Pay $1.32M of Toney Douglas's salary in 2011**
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Clippers Roster
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