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 Rookie Draft Rules

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PostSubject: Rookie Draft Rules   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:18 am

Every year the NBA Dynasty League will hold an NBA rookie draft. This draft will follow the same format and be a lottery draft.

All fourteen teams that did not make the playoffs will enter the lottery. Like the NBA, the lottery will be weighted. The odds will be based on the Win-Loss record of every lottery team, with the team with the worst record in our league getting the most chances and on down the line.

The website to determine the lottery can be found here:

All NBA D-League Players will be in the NBA Dynasty League Draft.

International Players will work the same way they do in the real NBA, meaning if they're eligible for the real draft they're eligible for our draft.

All rookies contracts will be calculated the same way any other contract is calculated.

The draft is not serpentine, it is a straight draft.

The draft date for the 2010 NBA Dynasty League is yet to be determined.
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Rookie Draft Rules
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