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 Trading Rules

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PostSubject: Trading Rules   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:16 am

1. Trades will always be posted under the "Trade" Topic on our message board. When a trade is agreed upon by each owner, one must enter a post under the trade topic. The subject line must consist of each team involved. For example: Trade: Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs

2. Trade Clauses: Trade Clauses are trade stipulations that can be of value in the form of cash or draft picks. A clause in a trade occurs when to sides agree to form an agreement on said player(s) if he performs up to expectations, has a contract too large for receiving team to take on, gets injured, suspended in some way, or other legitimate reasons that the trade council will deem appropriate.

2a. Examples of trade clauses could be in different forms, but understand they should be treated cautiously an used haphazardly:

Minnesota Timberwolves Trade:
C/PF- Al Jefferson $13.5M 2013

San Antonio Spurs Trade:
C/PF Tim Duncan $20.72M 2012

* Trade Clause: Spurs and T'Wolves have agreed that if Tim Duncan is injured for more than 35 games in the upcoming season that the Spurs will pay $10M of Duncan's salary next season.

Or Another example:

*Trade Clause: The Spurs and T'Wolves have agreed if Al Jefferson is a top 6 fantasy performer according to ESPN's player rater then The Spurs receive Minnesota's 2010 1st round pick along.

These are just two examples.

3. In the post, each team must list who they are trading. The players that are being traded must have their full name, position, and salary listed. Here is a perfect example:

The Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs have come to a trade agreement,

Minnesota Timberwolves Trade:
C/PF- Al Jefferson $13.5M 2013

San Antonio Spurs Trade:
C/PF Tim Duncan $20.72M 2012
2010 1st Round Draft Pick


Minnesota Timberwolves
Before: x
After: x + $7.22M

San Antonio Spurs
Before: x
After: x -7.22M

4. Each team involved must reply to there trade giving a reason why they made the trade. Please give a thorough, well reasoned argument for why you made the trade.

5. Trades will be evaluated by the Trade Council.

6. Once a trade is processed, each team has to place this trade under their team's transactions thread and update their team roster.

7. Trades may include draft picks and certain players contract clauses may come into effect. Money may not be traded in the form of Cap Gain. Money may only be involved through the form of cap relief by paying for part or all of a player(s) salary in a trade.

8. Player May Not Trade If They Own 11+ Players Before The Trade. They Must Drop A Player First.
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Trading Rules
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