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 Waiver Wire Rules

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PostSubject: Waiver Wire Rules   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:16 am

1. Any player can be placed on waivers by the team's owner at any time. You MUST send a player through waivers if you'd like to drop him. You must waive a player if you at any point have 11 active players on your roster.
2. When waiving a player, please make a thread under the "Waiver Wire" topic in Transactions. Make sure your thread is your team name and that your waived players are listed in your post. Waived players in the post must have their full name, position, and contract information present in the post.

3. Once you have waived a player, make sure you update your own team's transactions under your team's topic on the message board.

4. All teams have an opportunity to claim the listed player off of the waivers within a five day period.

5. If the player is claimed by another team, that team may place him on their roster. Once a player is waived, there are "no refunds". The only way of claiming back a waived player is if he clears waivers without being claimed by another team. (5 days). If a player is claimed, You Still Get Hit With 100%/50% (each year thereafter) Cap Penalties. If the owner would like to return the player to his/her team, he may do so without going through Free Agency.
*All claims must be sent to Dylan (Hornets) Via PM*

(6. If the owner does not want keep this waived player, he may release him into Free Agency. Any player that started on your original corresponding roster at the beginning of this league (September 2009) may be released into Free Agency without consequence BEFORE 10/27, (only during our inaugural season, 09-10) If you release a player after 10/27, you have guaranteed his contract, and the player will be owed 100% of his annualized salary for the remainder of the current season and 50% of his annualized salary every year for the remainder of his contract, regardless of whether he signs with a new team or not.) - This rule is already not needed.

7. If a waived player has multiple claims, the team higher up on the Waiver Wire will claim that player, and move down to the bottom of the list. All Claims should be sent to Binyamin in order to be processed.
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Waiver Wire Rules
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