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 Detroit Pistons Roster

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PostSubject: Detroit Pistons Roster   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:41 am

Salary Cap-$75M
Team Salary-$71.68M
Cap Remaining-$3.32M
*= contract option
**= 2 yrs of option


G Josh Howard $0M(2010)$11.36M(2011-option)
G Luther Head $.5m(2013)
F Elton Brand $6.51M (2011)$16.51m(2012/13)
F Al Harrington $0(2010)
C Amare Stoudamire $13.04m(2010)17.04m(2011)
UT Jared Dudley $2m (2010)

F Luc Richard a Mbah Moute $.81M (2011)
F Andres Nocioni $2M (2012)
G Daniel Gibson $1.75M(2012)
UT Derek Fisher $4M (2014)

G/F Kelenna Azubuike $3.2M (2010)*

Pacers paying $3M of Stoudamire's Contract for 2010
Warriors paying $1M of Stoudamire's Contract for 2010
Warriors paying $7.1M of Barbosa's contract for 2009/2010
Bulls paying $5.13M of Nocioni's 2010 contract until 2012
Clippers are paying $.25m of Head's Contract from 2011 to 2013
Knicks are paying $10.03M of Harrington's contract for 2010
Nuggets agree to pay $10m for Brand for 2010 and 2011-If Pistons trade him, Nuggets owe nothing
Clippers paying $7M of Howard's Contract for 2010
Magics paying $4.36M of Howard's Contract for 2010

PAYOUTS FOR 2010=37.87M

$8.78M of Ray Allen's 2009/2010 Contract
$1.39M of Taj Gibson's Contract through (2011) **
$5M of Quinton Richardson's Contract for 2009/2010
$.86M 2009/2010 for waiving Joel Anthony
$5M of Jason Richardson's Contract for 2009/2010
$1.5M of Maurice Evans Contract for 2009/2010
$7.54M of Charlie Villanueva's contract per year until 2011
$4M of Mo Williams' contract for 2009/2010
$1.8M of Lawson's Contract for 2010
$2M of Odom's Contract for 2010

PAYOUTS FOR 2011= $19.74M

$1.8M of Ty Lawson's Contract for 2011
$3.31M of Corey Brewer's contract
$2M of Al Jefferson's contract
$7.54M of Charlie Villanueva's contract
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Detroit Pistons Roster
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