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 Contract Rules

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PostSubject: Contract Rules   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:15 am

1. Each team has a salary cap of $75M for the 2009/2010 season. This number will change according to what the NBA sets its cap at for any given year, or what the NBA Dynasty League sees fit. Even though our leagues roster size is 10. We are leaving the league salary cap at $75M because the value of those 11th and 12th men on the bench are minimal.

2. For the salary calculation of all players we will use this website:

This is how we determine the contract length, and then we will use the average amount of the total contract per year to determine the contract value.

For example:

Minnesota Timberwolves Power Forward Al Jefferson. Using the website, you select the team Minnesota Timberwolves. As seen, it shows Al Jefferson's contract extending through the 2013 NBA Season. To find out Al Jefferson's salary for those 4 years, you want to add up each year:

$12M + $13M + $14M + $15M = $54M

Then divide the total salary by the number of years on his contract:

$54M/4 = 13.5

On your roster his contract would then look like this:

PF- Al Jefferson $13.5M 2013

Read Carefully, as you can see, there is a color key. Ignore the purple qualifying offers, those years on a contract do not exist. Also, player options (Also known as Early Termination Options) become team options since player personality and opinion does not come into effect.

Here are some examples of those situations. Using the website...

Click on the first team the Boston Celtics. Notice two things that make the rules clear. Look at Paul Pierces salary, according to the website he has 2 years left on his contract with one being a player option. If this scenario ever occurs a player option becomes a team option at all times. Meaning the Celtics now have an option on Paul Pierce next season.

Also, you can see Rajon Rondo has two years remaining for the Celtics. Since one of the years is a purple qualifying offer, that year is gone and non-existent. He becomes a free agent after this season.

*Treat all Non-Guaranteed Year as a guaranteed year.

3. For salary calculation we round to the tens of thousands of dollars. For example $9,916,262 becomes $9.92 M.
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Contract Rules
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