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 League Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: League Rules & Guidelines   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:14 am

League Rules

1. The league will use ESPN Fantasy Basketball for its interface. A message board on Invision Power Boards will be used for record keeping. Since ESPN only allows a maximum of 20 teams in a given league, we will have two leagues (Eastern Conference and Western Conference) with 15 teams each, and all inter-conference games will be hosted on the Invision Forum using ESPN scoring.

NBA Be Ballin' East

NBA Be Ballin' West

2. The league scoring will follow Head-to-Head Each Category, Standard 8 categories. These categories are: Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, 3 Pointers-Made, Field Goal %, and Free Throw %.

3. Rosters will have 10 active spots with unlimited IR spots (ESPN allows 6. If you have more than 6 IR players at any time, we will accommodate more using the message boards. You will drop the additional player(s) that cannot fit in your IR slots and they will be untouchable for other teams. You must pick them back up as IR spots free up).
Positions will be as follows:
Two Guards, Two Forwards, One Center, One Utility.


The remaining 4 spots will be Bench spots.

3a. During the regular season you may have a maximum of 10 active players and a minimum of 6 active players. You may NEVER be over those restrictions. However, during the off-season you may have any number of players, but keep in mind you must get under ten and over six before opening day or you will be forced to/receive penalties.

4. Eligibility requirements will be standard ESPN rules.

5. Regular season play will end __ weeks prior to the end of the NBA regular season. The division leader from each of the six divisions and five Wild Cards from each conference will enter the playoffs. The Wild Card is defined as the five teams from each conference with the best record that did not win its division. Matchups will follow the same format as the NBA. The Playoffs will take place on the Invision message board, using ESPN's scoring service only and then making the matchups on the message board.

6. The tie breaker list for any standings matter will be:

1. Head-to-Head Results (cumulative if more than one meeting)

2. Most Points Scored On The Season

3. Home Record

4. If a tie still exists, the Executive Council shall devise an unbiased method of choosing the better team.

7. We are very strict on activity in this league. We understand that people have lives, families to support, and careers to attend to; however, by joining this league you must make a commitment with the league. We require that all owners check their team and message board at least every other day or thrice a week. 20 minutes out of the entire week is all we ask for. As stated above, we are very strict on activity. We will perform random activity checks on all owners in the league. Three strikes and your out!
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League Rules & Guidelines
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