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 New Jersey Nets Transactions

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PostSubject: New Jersey Nets Transactions   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:25 am

1. New Jersey Nets Trade:

C Brook Lopez $2.58mil
2010 1st round pick

New York Knicks Trade:

C David Lee $7mil

2. Dropped Keyon Dooling

3. Signed Rafer Alston G to a one year 6.8 million dollar contract.

3. Pistons Get:

G/F Terrance Williams-2.14m(2011)++
G/F Chris Douglas-Roberts-.78m(2010)
F Yi Jian Lian-3.62m(2011)

Nets Get:
G Rodney Stuckey-2.82m(2011)
F Thad Young-2.5m(2011)
G Aaron Afflalo-1.98m(2010)+
F Taj Gibson-1.39m(2011)++
Pistons agree to pay all of Gibson's salary(2011)++

4. Dropped Tony Battie

5. New Jersey Nets trade:

C: David Lee-2010-$7.00M (being paid by Nets for 2010)
G: Courtney Lee–2011*-$1.30M

Denver Nuggets trade:

G: Derrick Rose - 2010** - $5.91M
F: Carl Landry - 2010* - $3M

6. Dropped Eduardo Najera

7. Sign David Andersen C to a one year 3.0M contract

8. Nets Trade:

G: Derrick Rose-2010**-$5.91M
F: Taj Gibson-2011**-$1.39M (All of contract being paid by Detroit Pistons)
F: Thaddeus Young-2011-$2.50M

Nuggets Trade:

SG Nick Young 0M (pay all of salary- philly)
G - Sebastian Telfair - 2010+ - $0 (Clippers pay $2.6M in '09-'10)
C:Dwight Howard - 2012* - $16.47M

9. Rockets Trade:

G - Beno Udrih .75 M 2011
F - Andres Nocioni 7.13 M 2012+ (Rockets pay 1M for rest of contract)

Nets Trade:
G- Rafer Alston-2010-$6.80M

Rockets: -.08M
Nets: +.08M

10. Nets Trade:

G - Beno Udrih .75 M 2011
F - Andres Nocioni 7.13 M 2012+ (Rockets pay 1M for rest of contract)

Bulls Trade:
G/F- Wilson Chandler 1.69M 2010+
F- Alondo Tucker: 1.07M 2010

Nets: +4.12M
Bulls: -4.12M

11. Waived Alando Tucker
12. Signed Jarvis Hayes to a one-year, $0.5M contract
13. Nets Give:

C-David Andersen-2010-$3.00M (will pay his contract)

Bulls Give:
James Jones 4.87M 2013 (Nets pay all of contract this year and 2012. Bulls pay 2m through remaining contract. If player is waived, the Bulls payment still will occur unless it is not needed.)
2010 1st NOH

14. 76ers Trade:

C - Antonio McDyess $4.86 M 2011

Nets Trade:

2010 2nd Round Pick Nets

15. Bulls Trade
Shane Battier 2M(5.1M paid by DET) 2011

Nets Trade
Nick Young 0M(217M of 2010 contract) paid by Philadelphia Sixers and 1m of 2011 contract paid by Nuggets) 2011
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New Jersey Nets Transactions
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