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 New Jersey Nets Roster

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PostSubject: New Jersey Nets Roster   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:24 am

Salary cap: $75.00 M
Salary Used: $73.00M
Salary available: $2.00 M

Contract Option = *

2 or more years of contract option = **

G: Eric Gordon-2011*-$2.22M
G: Rodney Stuckey-2010*-$2.29M
F: Carl Landry-2010*-$3.00M
F: Wilson Chandler-2010*-$1.69M
C: Dwight Howard-2012*-$16.46M (Captain)
U: Aaron Afflalo-2011-$1.52M

F-Lamar Odom-2013-$8.20M (Pistons pays 2M each year. Hornets pay all of this year)
F-Shane Battier-2011-$2.0M ($5.10M in 2011 paid by Detroit Pistons)
F-Jarvis Hayes-2010-$0.5M
C-Antonio McDyess-2011-$4.86M


All of David Lee's salary being paid (2010 - $7.00M)
Devin Harris ($3M in 2010 and $2M in 2011)

Alando Tucker-2010-$1.07M (will be paid by the Nets)
Tony Battie- 2010- $6.29M (will be paid by the Nets)
Keyon Dooling-2010-$3.50M (will be paid by the Nets)
Eduardo Najera-2010-$3.00M (will be paid by the Nets)
Sean Williams-2010*-$3.63M (will be paid by the Nets)
Stephen Graham-2010-$0.5M (will be paid by the Nets)
David Andersen-2010-$3.00M (will be paid by the Nets)
James Jones-2013-$4.87M (2010-$4.87M (all paid by Nets), 2011-$2.44 ($2M paid by Bulls), 2012-$1.22M (all paid by Nets), 2013- $0.61M (all paid by Bulls)
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New Jersey Nets Roster
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